The Unofficial Tech Guy

OK my homies and homettes, even though I have been home due to sickness since Wednesday, I’m still logging into to my work computer, and helping my co-workers get their computer ready for when we start working from home, which might be by the end of next week.

Oh, by the way, for years, they have called me the unofficial IT guy for my department, since anytime someone needs help with their computer, I’m the go to guy. Hey look, I didn’t get my computer technician or Network administrator degrees, but I did learned a thing or two before I dropped out of college, plus I’ve been messing around with computers since I was a kid, back in the 80’s.

Working From Home

OK my homies and homettes, due to the whole shit going on with the virus here in New York City, they are looking for ways for us at the salt mines, to work from home, which is fucking great, because I’ve been wanting to do that for many, many, many fucking years. So, in other words, even though the whole virus thing is fucked up, something good could come out of it, if my working from home dream comes true. My only advice to you is, be safe out there my peeps.

My Trip To The Psych Ward

What up, what up, what up my homies and homettes? As for me, after three months without drinking, I went through one of my crazy episode and because of that, I ended up binge drinking for 5 days straight. To top it all off, after a complete breakdown, my family had to call an ambulance, and I was taken to the emergency psychiatric area in The New York Presbyterian Hospital, for like a day and a half. But now I’m back and I’m feeling better.